3You’ve gathered all the items you want to sell and now you get to decide their sale price. We’ll walk you through the steps so you know the best price for each item.

Selling at JBF allows you to be in control of the price of each item. You set the price, and decide if it goes half price on the last day of the sale (Reduce).

In the event that the item doesn’t sell, you can either Donate the item to our local charity partner, or you can pick it up.


The most successful sellers practice “Shopper-Focused Pricing.” Simply ask yourself, “What price would make me buy this item without hesitation?  …and then brag about it later to a friend.”

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Log into your JBF Profile on our website, and click on the “Enter My Tags” button. Be sure that your Reduce and Donate settings fit your personal preference. Grab your first item and start!


Select the Category → Choose the Size → Write a detailed description → Select the Price → Choose if you want to Reduce → Choose if you want to Donate this item (if it doesn’t sell) → Write in the Quantity

ALWAYS set the Quantity to ‘1’

The exceptions — 1. when you have multiples of the exact same item. Quantity will create the same tag multiple times with a new item and barcode for each item.

2. If you have a big item that has multiple pieces and needs multiple tags

  • Change the quantity to 3 (or however many tags you need)
  • Leave tag #1 as is. Cross out the barcode and price on the remaining tags with a black sharpie
  • Write on all the tags – 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3
  • Attach one tag to each piece of your big item


We’re here to help you! Please email or if you have questions about pricing specific items.

Use the other resources available to you, including the Consignor Facebook Group, eBay, Craigslist or Amazon to find comparable prices.


Print your tags on white cardstock. Then after you cut out your tags, organize them by Category and Size. This will make your next step (Prepping) much easier.

*Money & time saving tip! Save your tags onto a thumb drive and then have Office Depot print AND cut them –use this Office Depot Coupon for only $.03 per page, that’s 9-tags!

Look at what you’ve accomplished!  You literally created CA$H out of clutter.  At the same time, you’re helping local families by providing the items their kids need at affordable prices.

Need more help?  We have expert taggers in our VIP Tagging Program.  More info here.


The profit you make in comparison to selling at a yard sale is so much better!  I love that I can track my sales throughout the JBF event.  I definitely recommend JBF to all my friends and co-workers.” — Danielle

NEXT STEP: Prepping

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