1Feeling overwhelmed as a parent comes with the territory, but cleaning out clothes that are no longer in use can help rid clutter and keep your home feeling organized. The best part about the clean-out process is that hidden treasures are everywhere! Go through your home room by room and look for these items:

CAUTION: De-cluttering will cause happiness & a bigger bank account!


1Attic or Basement

Find tub treasures (things stored in bins and containers you no longer need) as well as larger items such as children’s furniture, mattresses, and bulky baby gear.

5Kid’s Bedroom

Your kid’s closets and drawers are filled with clothing, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit or are unwanted. Decorative items (lamps, frames, storage units) can all be collected. Nursery items, like gliders, stools, monitors, etc. are other finds that are great sellers.

3Mom’s Closet 

Let your own closet breathe by gathering old maternity wear, including nursing bras and nursing pillows.

5Linen Closet

On your way to the bathroom, take a peek in the linen closet. Crib sheets, hooded towels, baby washcloths and the like can all be thrown into the JBF “sell” box.


Discover surprises in your bathroom you actually want to find! Potty seats, Diaper Genies, wipe warmers, outgrown (new) diapers, infant tubs, bath seats, bath toys, and step stools are all sale worthy.

6Living Room

DVDs, gaming systems, and video games that still are in good working order are all great things to sell!

9Mud Room or Hall Closet

Coats, boots, snow pants, mittens, scarves and things you have put away are likely to have been outgrown or underused – toss them in the box!


Children’s utensils, plastic dishes, sippy cups, bottles and lunch boxes all have excellent resale value. And don’t overlook the high chair, Bumbo and booster seat.


The Holy Grail for consignment sellers, every toy box, game, puzzle, book, toy, arts and crafts, dress-up items and costumes are perfect.  If you’re holding on to extra party supplies like invites, table cloths or favors, throw them into the sell bucket as well.


Get Dad into the action by reclaiming and organizing your garage. Clear out the ride-on toys, playhouse, car seat, swing, sandbox, scooters, bikes, sports and camping equipment, and don’t forget the small cleats, bike helmets and strollers!

Our selection of items is in the TOP 5 reasons why shoppers love JBF!

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