What Moms are saying about JBF…

Prices are great and the volume of merchandise is amazing! I’m going to be a regular customer, as my daughter is expecting #2!!!

Great way to sell items and also to buy for children/grandchildren. Am always referring people to JBF when I see at their garage sale that they have lots of children’s clothes that are not selling!

Items are easy to view. Lots of variety. Good quality items

Everything is super organized and everything that we need for kids


Love it! Great deals for what I need.

Loved the sale! And my mother mom friends would also love it!

It’s organized and has a ton of nice quality items.

Great way to get good stuff at a low price

I always recommend this sale because of the high quality items for sale, the friendliness and community spirit, and the great perks for being a consignor and volunteer!


Found a lot of great stuff will recommend to friends

Very organized and lots of great deals!

Great stuff at a great price.

Best inventory and prices anywhere! This sale can’t be beat!!

Awesome sale, awesome finds

I went to another jbf sale and in comparison Douglas Cty blew them away as far as quality of merch and customer service. It was a good experience. A long drive, but I would go again.


I love this sale! We get so much great stuff.

Variety, very organized & great prices.

You’re sale is well-organized, always has a good selection of items and your volunteers are friendly and helpful.

The people helping were kind and clear. I’m a fan and will be back.


Great sale and service. I got so many more clothes and toys than i would have been able to afford elsewhere.

Love, love love JBF!

It was fantastic this year. The added space for clothing was a great addition!

Great selection and prices! First time mom and impressed!

So many great deals on baby clothes and items.

Always able to find something that’s on our need/want list!

Tons of merchandise, great set up, fun time!


Good variety and prices

Very well organized and quality items. From drop off to shopping, every thing went very smooth.

I went the 1st time as a buyer and loved it, the 2nd time as a seller and loved it.

I have so many great purchases for our granddaughter which helps my daughter plus we buy many different toys and clothes to keep here for her visits……she thinks it’s Xmas every time she comes to our house.


Lots of stuff, something for everyone. Coupons available for free admission

JBF is amazing! I have had nothing but good experiences as a shopper, consignor, and volunteer.

Well organized, efficient, great deals

It’s ways a treat to go to this sale and I never miss it!