How to Sell at a Consignment Event

Thousands of moms shop our events looking for clothing, toys and gear for their children.  They are like you and me, wanting to provide only the best for their family.

Instead of a community garage sale or selling your items one-by-one online, consider selling at one of Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment sale events.

We have THREE ways that you can sell your children’s items:

  1. Consignor — Prep, Tag, & Drop off your items (you do the work, you make the most money possible)
  2. VIP Consignor — We will prep & tag your items for you! (we do the work, fees apply)
  3. On Demand — We will buy your items & resell them at the event (we pay you cash for your items on the spot)

What fits you best?

  1. I’m motivated.  I want to easily make money on things my kids are no longer wearing or using. Make 60-70% of your sales. Sign up to be a CONSIGNOR.
  2. I don’t have a lot of extra time.  I need help prepping and tagging my items. Make 60-70% of your sales + cost to tag items. Sign up for VIP CONSIGNOR.
  3. You just need it out of your house now. No hassle, no fuss. We will prep, tag, store and move your items. Items purchased at garage sale prices. Sign up for ON DEMAND.


Not ready to Consign yet?  Come shop!  Get your FREE ADMISSION PASS here!

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