I’m a single mom living in Colorado and raising three girls. When my youngest was born we struggled affording childcare for the three children ( I had three – 3 and under!)  My income would only be a fraction more than what childcare would cost.  But stepping completely out of the workforce was not an option for my family’s budget — our income was already tight.

I discovered Just Between Friends and felt passionate about how the business ran:

  • it helps moms and their families by either selling (making money) or buying (saving money) kids clothing, gear or toys (it’s a huge giant swap!)
  • families donate their unsold items to a local charity that serves families in need
  • AND, most importantly, it helps the environment by keeping clutter out of the landfill!

For me this was a WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN! I was sold, and so the journey began.

This BLOG is both personal and professional.  I will share steps to helping your family participate in a consignment sales event as a seller. I will share how to save the most money at consignment sales events.  And I will also share tips on how this single mom overcomes obstacles and is living her dream.

Thank you for being here and you are invited to look around!  ~Deborah